We are very happy to welcome you at Berlin a city with a very unique history, interesting people and slightly chaotic flair.

The conference will happen in Berlins Change hub, a modern and innovative meeting space. The open floorplan allows easy interaction, great opportunities for poster presentation and also exhibitions and tutorials. Its located near TU Berlin, in the centre of the former West Berlin, in walking distance to the station Zoologischer Garten.

There are many hotels just around the corner. We suggest you use any of the booking sites which usually offer a wide range of accommodations. We personally have good experiences with (not affiliated) but there shouldn’t be to many differences to other search engines. If you are looking more in packages, this site is also a good option:

If you prefer it a bit less central, Berlin public transport is pretty good. We suggest using the App Jelbi to get up to date information and also to buy your tickets. Berlin also has lots of scooters and bikes to rent so if you feel up for an adventure you should try it – they can also be booked via Jelbi.